Should Natick Fluoridate?

A Report to the Town and the Board of Selectmen
Prepared by the Natick Fluoridation Study Committee
13 E. Central Street, Town of Natick, MA October 23, 1997

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Natick Fluoridation Study Committee Report     9/27/97     Page 2

Cover Letter to the Selectmen

Benedict J.Gallo, Ph. D.
Jason Kupperschmidt, B.
Norman R. Mancuso, Ph.D.
Alfred J. Murray, M. S. T.
Harlee S. Strauss, Ph. D.

Fluoridation Study Committee
Town of Natick, Town Hall
13 E. Central St.
Natick MA 01760

27 September, 1997
Jay H. Ball, Clerk
Office of the Board of Selectmen
Town Hall
13 East Central Street
Natick, MA 01760

Dear Selectman Ball:

This letter accompanies transmission of the report "Should Natick Fluoridate?" prepared jointly by the Fluoridation Study Committee of the Town of Natick. A summary version of this report is being prepared and copies will be provided as soon as it has been completed. Please advise if we can be of further service to the Board of Selectmen.


Norman R. Mancuso, Ph. D.
Chairman, Natick Fluoridation Study Committee

Findings, Conclusion, and Recommendations of the Natick Fluoridation Study Committee


This statement of Findings, Conclusion and Recommendation specifically addresses the following question of the Board of Selectmen:

On the basis of the documentation provided to you by the proponents and opponents, do you believe that the potential side effects associated with fluoridating Natick's public water supply outweigh the potential benefits?
Findings The Natick Fluoridation Study Committee conducted a thorough review of the scientific literature and made the following findings regarding the benefits and risks of water fluoridation.

The scientific literature supporting these findings is summarized in the full report which also discusses a variety of non-health related concerns that have been raised about water fluoridation


The Committee reached the firm conclusion that the risks of overexposure to fluoride far outweigh any current benefit of water fluoridation.


1. The Natick Fluoridation Study Committee unanimously and emphatically recommends that the town of Natick NOT fluoridate the town water supply.

2. The Natick Fluoridation Study Committee unanimously and emphatically recommends that the Board of Selectmen take appropriate action to ensure that fluoridation of the town water supply does not take place.

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