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Comments of Calgary's Oct 19/98 fluoridation vote, by Elke Babiuk

The tools and tactics of spin-doctors are endorsements, slogans, appeals to authorities, science by media, shoot the messenger, deception by omission, obfuscation, lying, misrepresentation, distortion, emotional human arguments, and/or evading questions. Fluoridation proponents used every propaganda trick at their disposal. Some of the materials were designed to mislead an undiscriminating and unsuspecting public. For a good description of the type of campaign Calgary Regional Health Authority conducted here, see Indoctrination vs Edudation (left hand column).

#1:   Dr. Leonard Smith
"There has been no reported difference in the incidence of hip fractures cancer, kidney disease, arthritis, Alzheimer's disease, chromosomal damage, Down's Syndrome, etc. in communities with controlled water fluoridation compared to those communities with no fluoridation."
The grab bag of ailments is a tactic often used to try and discredit opponents. Only two items on this laundry list have been closely studied. Just one was extensively used in our campaign. A review of the scientific literature (bones.htm, cancer.htm) shows Smith's statement is a lie.
#2:   Dr. Murray Hennings
"Over 3,700 studies have shown cavity-rate reductions of between 30% and 60% when water is fluoridated at one part per million."
An American-imported lie. The bluff was called. A $1,000 offer was made for toothbrushes and toothpaste to be paid to the Calgary Food Bank if Hennings came up with the alleged list of 3700 studies. The offer goes unclaimed!
"They can't find any doctors or any dentists or any retired health professionals locally that will say anything other than positive things about fluoride". Doctors and dentists did write to City Council requesting that fluoridation stop. Media and public appearances were also made.
#4:   Jackie Smorang  


#1: in Calgary's Child, Oct/Nov 1998, "Facts on Fluoride" (paid advertisement). The advert says Dr. Leonard Smith " past Chief of Dentistry at the Alberta Children's Hospital..." and, " a consultant to the regional health authority."

#2: The Calgary Sun, Oct 3/98. Dr. Murray Hennings is the president of the Calgary and District Dental Society

#3: Calgary Herald, Oct 15/98. Ivan Bernardo was a Calgary Regional Health Authority (CRHA) spokesperson.

#4: before Calgary's Operations and Environment Committee on July 15, 1998 and in the Calgary Herald. Jackie Smorang is a CRHA employee

For further information on Calgary Regional Health Authority's role in the fluoridation plebiscite:
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